Product specification

< LED : Total 103 pcs 

< Power: 309W

< Luminance: 20000 lumen

< Power supply: 80~240V , AC to DC 15V/8A

< Lamp mask: two type optical spotlights covered

< Defend the distance: 10 meters  /

< Angel: 45 degrees of upper and down /Control 15 degrees for right / left

< Switch: Both of wireless switch (remote controller)  /Wired switches

< Wall mount: Adjustable hanging support

< Material: Aluminum alloy

< Dimension: 600mm X 330mm X 52mm ( L * W * H )

< Weight: 4kg


Description of products

A kind of pulse based on LED light source shakes the chestnut type and defends the apparatus. Can regard as bank, safe deposit vault, jewel silverware shop …etc. It need to defend robbing the area and defending using, this apparatus adopts and reaches 20000 lumen high light LED light source to produce the pulse and shake the light of chestnut in the twinkling of an eye, make ruffians produce the vision, directional obstacle, cause the dizzy feeling and produce disgustingly and vomiting, losing one's sight at the same time, and then lose capacity.


The apparatus adopts the switch wirelessly and runs side by side wire to start, no matter in rob or the ruffian starts when leave, make the ruffian unable to attack and leave, defend oneself safe and making the ruffian unable to escape immediately, can bring the ruffian's time under control rapidly while striving for enforcers.


Apparatus device can different to make different angle furnish, need tedious construction still more in accordance with environment, apparatus can require with customer environment, or do the appearance design of fine arts in the panel.